Professional Services


We can act as a Trustee, Executor (under the Will), Administrator, Special Administrator, Conservator or Agent under Power of Attorney (Financial and/or Health Care), be named as a Successor in these roles, act as Co-Trustee, Co-Executor or Co-Agent, or provide consulting to the acting Trustee, Executor or Agent. We take a caring and professional approach to meet the needs of the client.

Estate/Gift Tax

Specialized tax returns related to estate planning, including estate tax returns (Form 706), gift tax returns (Form 709) and related estate tax forms are prepared and filed on behalf of clients. We work with several lawyers, law firms and CPA firms to prepare these specialized tax returns, or we can prepare and file these returns on behalf of the named Personal Representative.


We will provide consulting services to a current Trustee to guide them through the process of fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities.

Estate and Trust Accounting

Preparation of court formatted estate (probate, guardianship and conservatorship), trust accountings. We work with Trustees, Executors, law firms and CPA firms to prepare accountings on an annual basis or for a specified time period.